Nanny And The Professor Theme Song
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Nanny And The Professor Theme Song

The theme song to Nanny And The Professor is called “Nanny”, written and performed by The Addrisi Brothers.

Nanny and the Professor is a US sitcom TV series released for 20th Century Fox.

The show follows a British nanny Phoebe Figalilly who looks after three children from a wealthy home, nanny Pheobe is thought to have psychic powers.

Nanny And The Professor Theme Song Lyrics

Soft and sweet
Wise and wonderful
Oooh our mystical magical nanny

Since the day that nanny came to stay with us
Fantastic things keep happening

Is there really magic in the things she does
Or is love the only magic thing that nanny brings

You know our nanny showed us you can make the impossible happen
Nanny told us have a little bit of faith and lots of love

Phoebe Figalilly is a silly name
And so many silly things keep happening
What is this magic thing about nanny
Is it Love Or is it Magic

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