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Alien Nation Theme Song And Lyrics

The Alien Nation TV series Theme Song is the music that plays at the beginning of each episode of the show Alien Nation. But it’s not just music; it also has a voice telling us what’s happening. The voice you hear is that of Charles Howerton, who narrates and gives us some information about the show before it starts.

The show is about aliens who come to Earth and try to live among humans. These aliens look different, but they want to be a part of our world. It’s a mix of sci-fi and drama, with lots of interesting stories and adventures.

The theme song was created by three composers: Joe Harnell, Steve Dorff, and Larry Herbstritt. They worked together to make the music that fits the show’s mood and theme.

Alien Nation had 22 episodes in total, and it only had one season. So it’s like watching a set of 22 mini-movies about the aliens and their experiences on Earth.

With the combination of exciting music, Charles Howerton’s narration, and the intriguing stories, the Alien Nation theme song and TV series captivated audiences and left them wanting more.

Alien Nation Theme Song Lyrics

That was the scene in the California dessert five years ago
Our esoteric first view of the newcomers ship
There’s was a slave ship carrying a quarter of a million beings
Bred to adapt and labour in any environment

But they washed ashore on earth with
no way to get back to where they came from
And in the last five years the newcomers
have become the latest addition to the population of los angeles

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