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We Bare Bears Theme Song And Lyrics

The We Bare Bears Theme Song is the delightful and catchy tune that introduces the animated TV show “We Bare Bears.” The series was created by Daniel Chong and first aired on August 29, 2015, in the UK. It quickly became a hit among audiences of all ages.

The theme song, composed by Brad Joseph Breeck, sets the whimsical and heartwarming tone for the show, which revolves around the lovable trio of bear brothers: Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear. They try to navigate the human world, make friends, and go on humorous adventures while facing the challenges of being bears in a modern society.

We Bare Bears had a successful run of 4 seasons, with a total of 140 episodes. The final episode aired on May 27, 2019, leaving fans with fond memories of the endearing characters and their charming escapades.

The show’s humor, relatable themes, and touching moments made it a beloved animated series, and the theme song remains a beloved part of the show’s identity, invoking nostalgia for fans who enjoyed watching the bears’ shenanigans.

We Bare Bears Theme Song Lyrics

Da Da Da Ba Da
Da Da Ba Da Ba Ba let’s go

We’ll be there
A wink and a smile and a great old time
Yeah we’ll be there

Wherever we are
There’s some fun to be found

We’ll be there when you turn that corner
We’ll jump out the bush
With a big bear hug and a smile
We’ll be there

Intro – Cartoon Network

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