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The Archie Show Theme Song And Lyrics

The Archie Show theme song was composed by Ray Ellis. The show first aired on 14th September 1969 in the USA and was broadcasted on CBS.

The series, created by Bob Montana and John L. Goldwater, follows the adventures of Archie Andrews and his friends in the fictional town of Riverdale. Viewers get to see the funny and relatable experiences of these high school teenagers, dealing with friendship, love, and everyday challenges.

The show had one season with a total of 17 episodes, and it concluded on 4th January 1968. Despite its short run, “The Archie Show” left a lasting impact and went on to inspire spin-off series such as “Archie’s Weird Mysteries” and “Groovie Goolies.”

Ray Ellis’ upbeat and catchy theme song became an iconic part of the show, setting the tone for the fun and excitement that awaited viewers in each episode. To this day, “The Archie Show” and its theme song remain cherished by fans, reminding them of the joy and nostalgia of their favorite characters from the comics brought to life on the small screen.

The Archie Show Theme Song Lyrics

Everything’s Archie

Archie’s here
Betty’s here Veronica too
Reggie’s here
Hey Jughead where are you

We wanna dance
And we wanna sing
Have some fun and go adventuring
All our friends are here
But it ain’t complete
We ain’t the Archies
Without the Jughead beat wohhhhhh

Archie’s here
Betty’s here Veronica too
Reggie’s here
And here comes Jughead and Hot Dog too

So everything’s Archie

Come on let’s go it’s the Archie show

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