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The Alvin Show Theme Song And Lyrics

The Alvin Show Theme Song was composed by Ross Bagdasarian Sr., who also created the show along with W. Watts Biggers, Chet Stover, and Joe Harris. The first episode of the series aired on 4th October 1961 in the USA and was shown on the CBS network.

The show revolves around three lovable and mischievous chipmunk brothers: Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. They get into all sorts of humorous and entertaining adventures, often causing funny troubles along the way.

“The Alvin Show” had a total of 26 episodes, which included 104 segments. The show ran for two seasons, with its final episode airing on 12th September 1962. The catchy and memorable theme song, along with the endearing characters, made “The Alvin Show” a hit among audiences, both young and old.

The Alvin Show Theme Song Lyrics

This is the Alvin Show
The Alvin Show
You’ll positively gonna love the Alvin Show
There’s Dave Seville

And what is more
Here’s the boy we know as Theodore
Now you see
On camera three
The brother known as Simon on the family tree
And here’s the star of the show
Alvin Alvin

I am Clyde Crashcup
Clyde Crashcup the great inventor

Ready here we go
Here’s the Alvin Show

Theme – Opening

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