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Special Agent Oso Theme Song And Lyrics

The Special Agent Oso Theme Song is the cool and exciting tune that starts the TV show “Special Agent Oso.” The series premiered on April 4, 2009, in the UK and concluded on January 23, 2012.

The theme song, titled “Special Agent Oso Theme Song,” was composed by Mike Himelstein and Michael Turner. It sets the tone for the show, which follows the adventures of a lovable teddy bear named Oso who becomes a special agent to help kids with their everyday tasks and challenges.

Each episode of “Special Agent Oso” features a three-step mission that Oso undertakes with the help of his friends, Paw Pilot and Mr. Dos. The show aims to teach kids important life skills, such as tying shoelaces or making a sandwich, in a fun and engaging way.

The series has a total of 61 episodes spread across two seasons. Created by Ford Riley and directed by Jamie Mitchell, “Special Agent Oso” became a hit among young viewers for its entertaining and educational content.

Though the final episode aired in 2012, the Special Agent Oso Theme Song and the show’s valuable lessons continue to be enjoyed and remembered by children and their parents, making it a beloved part of children’s television programming.

Special Agent Oso Theme Song Lyrics

Special alert special alert

Meet Special Agent Oso
The unique stuffed bear
He’s on a special assignment
To help a kid somewhere
And with help from you
There’s nothing he can’t do

He’s Oso special

Hurry Special Agent Oso

Oso special

Sounds like a plan

When he’s on the scene
He’ll do all he can
Learning brand new skills
Facing danger and thrills

It’s all part of the plan

He’s Oso special hurry Oso

Oso special way to go

Special agent

Special special special special special agent Oso

Intro Theme (Original Version)

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