Liv and Maddie Theme Song
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Liv And Maddie Theme Song And Lyrics

Liv and Maddie is a US comedy series released on The Disney Channel in 2013.

The series mainly revolves around Liv as she returns to normal family life after enjoying a career in Hollywood.

The theme song to the series is called “Better in Stereo”by Dove Cameron

Liv And Maddie Lyrics

Better in stereo
B better in stereo

I’m up with the the sunshine let’s go
Lace up my high tops oh no
Slam dunk ready or not
Yeah Now show me what you got

I’m under the spotlight holler
I dare you come on and follow
You dance to your own beat
I’ll sing the melody

When you say yeah i say no
When you say stop
all I wanna do is go go go

You you the other half of me me
The half I’ll never be e
The half that drives me crazy
You you the better half of me me
The half I’ll always need
Cause we both know
We’re better in stereo

Liv and Maddie Theme Song/Title Sequence

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