kesimpta commercial song

Kesimpta Commercial Song

Kesimpta Commercial Song was produced using a ‘in house’ recording studio for commercial and advertisement purposes. Often this kind of backing track does not have an artist or composer attributed to it in the public domain.

In this advertisement the track was adapted as a backing track by Kesimpta to promote a medication for MS.

  • Company Founded: 29 February 1996
  • Founder: Johann Rudolf Geigy-Gemuseus
  • Headquarters: Basel
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Language: German, French, Italian, and Romansh

Kesimpta Commercial Lyrics

With relapsing forms of MS there’s a lot to deal with
Not just unpredictable relapses all these other things too

Who needs that kind of drama
Kesimpta is a once monthly injection that may
help you put this onama stonama in its place

It reduce the rate of relapses and active legions
And slow disability progression
Don’t take Kesimpta if you have hepatitis b
And tell your doctor if you have had it

Has it could come back and can cause
Serious liver problems or death

Kesimpta can cause serious side affects
Including infections especially when taken
before and after other medicines that weaken the immune system

A rare potentially brain infection called PML
may happen with Kesimpta

Tell your doctor if you had or plan to have vaccines
Or if you are or plan to become pregnant

Kesimpta may cause a decrease in some types of antibodies
Talk to your doctor about any injection related reactions
The most common side affects are upper respiratory trackt
infections and headache

Ask your healthcare provider about Kesimpta
Dramatic results less RMS drama

Kesimpta Video

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