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Karen Theme Song And Lyrics

Karen is a US sitcom first released in 1965 on ABC network and re-released in 1975.

The show focuses on a teenage Karen and her friend Mimi and their lives as teenagers.

The theme song to Karen is called “Karen” performed by the Beach Boys.

Karen Lyrics

She’s a doll she’s a queen she’s a tantalizing teen
And Karen is her name they call her Karen
At a party she’s a stomper and a rock and rollin romper
Everybody’s glad she came
Hey that’s Karen

She sets her hair with great precision
It’s her favorite indoor sport
And by the light of television
She can even write a book report

There is no one greater north or south of the equator
Karen’s always in a whirl
She’s alarming but disarming, and a really very charming modern girl

Karen TV Show Intro – 1964

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