Here Come The Brides Theme Song
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Here Come The Brides Theme Song And Lyrics

Here Comes The Brides is a US western based comedy TV series first aired on the ABC network in 1968.

The theme song to the show is called “Seattle” composed by Hugo Montenegro, Jack Keller and Ernie Sheldon.

Learn here come the bride lyrics

The bluest sky you’ve ever seen in Seattle
And the hills the greenest green in Seattle

Like a beautiful child growing up free and wild
Full of hopes and full of fears full of laughter full of tears
Full of dreams to last a year in Seattle

When you find your own true love you will know it
By his smile by the look in his eyes

Scent of pine trees in the air
Boys all stand around and stare
Look out everyone Here Come the Brides

Here Come The Brides opening theme with Vocals – Youtube

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