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Henry Danger Theme Song And Lyrics

The Henry Danger Theme Song is the catchy tune that plays at the beginning of the TV show Henry Danger. It was composed by Michael Corcoran, Zack Hexum, and Dan Schneider. The show is a comedy and was created by Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen. It aired its first episode on 13th February 2015 in the UK and had a total of 5 seasons with 121 episodes.

The show follows the adventures of Henry, a teenager who becomes a superhero’s sidekick. It has been loved by many viewers for its humor and exciting plotlines. The final episode aired on 21st March 2020. After the show ended, a spin-off called Danger Force was created, continuing the superhero universe in a new way. The theme song is one of the elements that fans remember fondly and it adds to the overall fun and excitement of the show.

Henry Danger Theme Song Lyrics

It all just kinda happened
My dad was an irresponsible scientist
I needed an after school job
And by accident he made me indestructible y aaah

I went to this crazy store and met a pretty interesting guy
I’m gonna blow your mind
Now I protect the good citizens of Swellview
Who call me And he turned out to be
You know the name
Captain Man
That’s right Henry

In time I realized being a superhero is a lot to handle alone
He wanted some help
I needed a sidekick
I Henry Hart
Pledge to never ever ever tell anyone
That I am Captain Man’s secret sidekick
It is done

Now we blow bubbles
And fight crime
Feels good

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