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Martha Speaks Theme Song And Lyrics

Martha Speaks Theme Song is the catchy tune that introduces the TV show “Martha Speaks” to its audience. The song sets the playful and fun tone of the show. It was composed by Daniel Ingram. The show’s journey began on 1 September 2008 and concluded with its final episode on 18 November 2014. During its successful run, “Martha Speaks” aired a total of 96 episodes spread across 6 seasons.

The show’s creative mind is Susan Meddaugh, who brought to life the lovable character of Martha, a special dog with the ability to talk after eating alphabet soup. Alongside her human friends, Martha embarks on exciting adventures, teaching kids new words and solving problems in each episode.

With its engaging theme song and entertaining storyline, “Martha Speaks” remains a beloved and educational show for children, encouraging them to explore the world of language and learning.

Martha Speaks Theme Song Lyrics

Martha was an average dog
She went Woof
And Woof
And Grrr
But when she ate some alphabet soup then what happened was bizarre

On the way to Martha’s stomach the letters lost their way They traveled to her brain and now

She’s got a lot to say
Now she speaks

How now brown cow

Martha speaks
Yeah she speaks and speaks and speaks and speaks and speaks

What’s a caboose When are we eating again

Martha speaks

Hey Joe Whaddaya know
My name’s not Joe

She’s not always right but still that Martha speaks

Hi there

She’s got a voice she’s ready to shout Martha will tell you what it’s all about
Sometimes wrong but seldom in doubt Martha will tell you what it’s all about
That dog’s unique

Testing one two

Hear her speak Martha speaks and speaks and speaks and speaks and

Communicates enumerates elucidates exaggerates indicates and explicates bloviates and overstates and Hyperventilates

To reiterate

Martha speaks

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