Earthworm Jim Theme Song
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Earthworm Jim Theme Song And Lyrics

Earth worm Jim is series of popular platform (side scroll ) video games, the first game was released in 1994 then re released on PlayStation and Xbox in 2010.

The US TV cartoon series was released earlier in 1995.

The theme song to “Earthworm Jim” shares the same name and was performed by William Kevin Anderson.

Earthworm Jim Lyrics

Earthworm Jim
The Soil He Did Crawl
Earthworm Jim
A Super Suit Did Fall

Jim Was Just A Dirt Eating
Chewing Length Of Worm Flesh
But All That Came To A Crash
And Gave Him Lots Of Power

Earthworm Jim
He’s Such A Groovy Guy
Earthworm Jim
He Rocket’s Through The Sky

Cruising Through The Universe
Having Lot’s Of Fun
Here Comes Earthworm Jim You Know
That He’s The Mighty One Look Out

Despite His Great Big Muscles
And His Really Big Ray Gun
Jim Is Still An Earthworm
But Then He’s The Only One

With A Super Suit To Make Him Really Super Strong
Jim Can Be A Winner If We Only Sing Along Alright

Earthworm Jim We Think He’s Mighty Fine
Earthworm Jim A Hero For All Time

Earthworm Earthworm Earthworm Earthworm Jim
Hooray For Jiiim Groovy

Earthworm Jim [GR Intro]

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