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Earthworm Jim Theme Song And Lyrics

The theme song of “Earthworm Jim” is the catchy tune that starts off the animated TV show. It first aired on September 9, 1995, in the USA and had two seasons with a total of 23 episodes.

“Earthworm Jim” is a comedy and adventure series filled with animated cartoon characters. The show’s executive producers are David Perry and Doug TenNapel. The music for the series was composed by William Anderson and Patrick Griffin.

The ending theme of the show is an instrumental version of the main theme song, simply called “Earthworm Jim.”

The show follows the wild and wacky adventures of a heroic earthworm named Jim, who gains superpowers from a special suit. With his newfound abilities, he battles evil and goes on hilarious escapades, saving the world from crazy villains.

The theme song’s upbeat and fun melody reflects the humorous and adventurous nature of the show. It’s a favorite among fans and adds to the overall enjoyment of the series.

“Earthworm Jim” became a beloved animated show that entertained viewers with its funny characters, action-packed plots, and memorable theme song. The show’s last episode aired on December 14, 1996, but its legacy lives on in the hearts of its fans.

Song Lyrics

Earthworm Jim
The Soil He Did Crawl
Earthworm Jim
A Super Suit Did Fall

Jim Was Just A Dirt Eating
Chewing Length Of Worm Flesh
But All That Came To A Crash
And Gave Him Lots Of Power

Earthworm Jim
He’s Such A Groovy Guy
Earthworm Jim
He Rocket’s Through The Sky

Cruising Through The Universe
Having Lot’s Of Fun
Here Comes Earthworm Jim You Know
That He’s The Mighty One Look Out

Despite His Great Big Muscles
And His Really Big Ray Gun
Jim Is Still An Earthworm
But Then He’s The Only One

With A Super Suit To Make Him Really Super Strong
Jim Can Be A Winner If We Only Sing Along Alright

Earthworm Jim We Think He’s Mighty Fine
Earthworm Jim A Hero For All Time

Earthworm Earthworm Earthworm Earthworm Jim
Hooray For Jiiim Groovy

Earthworm Jim [GR Intro]

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