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Curious George Theme Song And Lyrics

Curious Geroge is a US animated show based on a series of books that share the same name.

The Curious George character is a Monkey with a curious nature that can often find him in difficult circumstances. The show has an educational back theme which George and his friends help out in teaching the moral of the story.

The theme song to Curious George is called “Like Curious George” by Dr John.

Learn the lyrics to Curious George

You never do know what’s around the bend
A big adventure or a brand new friend
When you’re curious like Curious George, Swing

When everyday everyday
is so glorious glorious
Then everything everything
is so wonderous wonderous
There’s more to explore
When you open your door
And meet friends like this
You just can’t miss Whooooa

Get curious curious
and that’s marvelous marvelous
And that’s your reward
You’ll never be bored
If you ask yourself what is this
Like curious like curious like Curious George

Curious George – Theme (English) – Youtube

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