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Cool Mccool Theme Song And Lyrics

The theme song of “Cool McCool” was a groovy and catchy tune that introduced the animated show to viewers in 1966. The music was lively and jazzy, setting the cool and hip vibe of the series. Cool McCool, the main character, was a secret agent who fought bad guys with his penguin sidekick named Harry.

The song’s lyrics, written by Bob Kane and Al Brodax, added to the show’s fun and adventurous atmosphere. Each episode followed Cool McCool’s exciting missions as he outsmarted villains with his witty and laid-back personality.

The theme song became a favorite among fans, and its memorable melody stuck with viewers long after the show ended. Cool McCool was a pioneer in the world of animated spy comedies, and the catchy theme song contributed to its popularity.

Even today, “Cool McCool” holds a special place in the hearts of those who enjoyed its cool style and humorous adventures. The theme song’s groovy beats and lively tune continue to bring back nostalgic memories of this classic animated series.

Theme Song Lyrics

Double O
C double O
C double O L
C double O L Mc
Cool Mc Cool

Danger is his business

The Owl is flying high, frightening to the eye
The Rattler is nearby, Cool is on the fly
Danger is his business

Madcap’s back in town yeah bought Cool a crown
Boxes are a-poppin Cool is kept a-hoppin
Danger is his business

That’s Hurricane Harry with all the wind he can carry
Oh that cool’s the coolest Danger is my business

Cool McCool Intro – Youtube

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