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Cheyenne Theme Song And Lyrics

The theme song of “Cheyenne” was composed by William Lava, with lyrics by Stan Jones. The show first aired on September 20, 1955, in the USA and concluded on April 30, 1963, after seven seasons and a total of 108 episodes. It was also known by several alternative titles like “Warner Bros. Presents… Cheyenne,” “Cheyenne: Bronco,” “The Cheyenne Show: Bronco,” and “Sugarfoot.”

“Cheyenne” is a classic Western series set in the Old West, following the adventures of the rugged cowboy, Cheyenne Bodie. Viewers are taken on a journey through the frontier as Cheyenne encounters various challenges, outlaws, and dilemmas, all while standing for justice.

The theme song, titled “Cheyenne,” features artists Stan Jones and William Lava, and it captures the spirit of the Wild West, adding to the excitement and drama of the show. The series became immensely popular, leaving a lasting mark on Western television, and the iconic theme song contributed to its legendary status. Produced by Warner Bros. Television and executive produced by William T. Orr, “Cheyenne” remains a beloved classic for fans of the Western genre, offering timeless adventures in the untamed West.

Cheyenne Theme Song lyrics

Cheyenne Cheyenne where will you be campin tonight
Lonely man Cheyenne will your heart stay free and light
Dream Cheyenne of a girl you may never love
Move along Cheyenne like the restless cloud up above

The wind that blows that comes and goes has been your only home
But will the wild wind one day cease and you’ll no longer roam

Move along Cheyenne next pasture’s always so green
Driftin on Cheyenne don’t forget the things you have seen
And when you settle down where will it be Cheyenne Cheyenne

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