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Bunk’d Theme Song And Lyrics

The theme song for “Bunk’d” was created by a team of composers, including Steve Hampton, John Adair, Paul Bessenbacher, and Brad Hamilton. The show premiered on July 31, 2015, in the USA and ran for a total of six seasons with 109 episodes. It falls under the comedy genre and aired on the Disney Channel.

The opening theme, titled “Kikiwaka,” was performed by artist Kevin Quinn. The song became a recognizable part of the show’s identity, setting the tone for the fun and adventurous experiences the characters have at Camp Kikiwaka.

“Bunk’d” was created by Pamela Eells O’Connell and followed the story of campers spending their summer at the quirky and sometimes unpredictable Camp Kikiwaka. The show offered a mix of laughter, friendship, and exciting camp activities that kept viewers entertained.

Produced by Mike Montesano, Ted Zizik, Shari Tavey, Clayton Sakoda, and Jason Shubb, “Bunk’d” became a favorite among Disney Channel audiences. It captured the spirit of summer camp adventures, with characters navigating challenges, forming friendships, and creating lasting memories.

With its catchy theme song and heartwarming moments, “Bunk’d” became a beloved show for young audiences, delivering laughter and feel-good entertainment for everyone watching.

Bunk’d Lyrics

Here we go
We’re leaving the city behind right now
Let’s gather by the campfire light
And sing this song


Hanging out with someone new
Then falling out of a camp canoe
What’s that smell
It’s on your shoe


Got a s’more in my hair
Mosquitos in our underwear
Shower’s broke
but we don’t care


This is our home away from home
away from home away from home
But watch your back
A bear just ate my phone

Kikiwaka Kikiwaka
Kikiwaka Kikiwaka
Kikiwaka Kikiwaka

Kevin Quinn – Kikiwaka (Bunk’d Theme Song) (From “Bunk’d” (Audio Only)

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