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Casper Theme Song And Lyrics

Casper, The friendly Ghost is a hit cartoon that first released in 1939 as a children’s book followed by the release of the animated cartoon in 1945. Casper has been reinvented and has many tv series, a movie and later a video game was released.

Casper The Friendly Ghost has had more than one theme song and sound track for the series, movie and game.

Casper the friendly ghost lyrics

Casper the friendly ghost
The friendliest ghost you know
Though grown-ups might
Look at him with fright
The children all love him so

He always says hello Hello
and he’s really glad to meetcha
Wherever he may go
He’s kind to every living creature

Grown ups don’t understand
Why children love him the most
But kids all know
That he loves them so
Casper the friendly ghost

Casper the friendly ghost theme – Youtube

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