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Bizaardvark Theme Song And Lyrics

The theme song for “Bizaardvark” was composed by Scott Clausen. The show first aired on June 24, 2016, in the USA, and its final episode aired on April 13, 2019, running for three seasons and totaling 63 episodes. Created by Kyle Stegina and Josh Lehrman, the series was broadcasted on the Disney Channel.

“Bizaardvark” falls under the genre of comedy and revolves around two best friends, Paige and Frankie, who embark on a wild journey as they pursue their dreams of becoming online stars. The show follows their adventures, challenges, and hilarious misadventures as they create quirky and funny online videos, navigating the ups and downs of internet fame.

The theme song added to the show’s fun and energetic atmosphere, setting the stage for the humorous and light-hearted moments that unfolded throughout the series. “Bizaardvark” aimed to entertain young audiences, emphasizing the power of friendship and the joys and pitfalls of internet stardom in the digital age.

Bizaardvark Theme Song Lyrics

You can spend all day on a swing eating a baguette
But why do boring things like that when there’s the internet
Let’s go make some videos
Hey Hey
Let’s go make some videos Hey

You could watch Dirk do some crazy dares, saying here we go
here we go
He’ll do anything you want just don’t try this at home
Or watch Amelia teaching ya how to look your best
Making over people is her never ending quest
You could watch Do you have constant foot odor
You could watch us make ridiculously funny videos
Like the one with the evil pop up books that punch you in the nose

Let’s go make some videos
Hey Hey
Let’s go make some videos
and I’m, aw I missed it

Bizaardvark – Theme Tune – Official Disney Channel UK

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