Cadillac Commercial Song

Cadillac Commercial Song

Cadillac Commercial Song is called ‘Fire’ performed by English born Indie singer, song writer Barns Courtney.

The song was first released in 2016 on the ‘The Attractions of Youth’ album.

In 2018 the song was adapted by Cadillac as a backing track for a advertisement to promote their range of cars and MPV’s.

  • Company Founded: 22 August 1902
  • Founders: Henry M. Leland, William Murphy
  • Headquarters: Detroit, Michigan
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English

Cadillac Commercial Lyrics

Every legacy comes with a burden
Standard to bear
An expectation to surpass

A purpose to live up to
But thats the point

Bring us doubt
And we will bring you the first car
with hands free driving for the freeway

Bring us a challenge
And we will reinvent what it
means to own a car

Bring us all your expectations
And well defy them again and
Again and again

Cadillac Commercial Music Video

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