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Blossom Theme Song And Lyrics

The theme song of “Blossom,” an iconic ’90s sitcom, played a vital role in setting the show’s tone and charm. Created by Don Reo, the series debuted in the USA on July 5, 1990, and concluded on May 22, 1995, leaving an enduring legacy. At its heart was the talented Mayim Chaya Bialik, who portrayed the endearing Blossom Russo, a bright and quirky teenager.

The show’s opening theme, “My Opinionation,” performed by the legendary Dr. John during the first four seasons, became synonymous with the series. The catchy and upbeat tune perfectly captured the essence of Blossom’s vibrant personality and the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with adolescence.

With a total of five seasons and 114 episodes, “Blossom” resonated with audiences, making it a standout in the realm of family-oriented sitcoms. The show delved into various topics, including friendship, family dynamics, and personal growth, addressing them with a blend of humor, sincerity, and heartwarming moments.

Fans quickly fell in love with Blossom and her distinctive fashion sense, while also empathizing with her relatable struggles. The chemistry between the cast members and the strong writing made the show a joy to watch week after week.

Decades after its conclusion, “Blossom” remains a cherished memory for those who experienced its charm during its original run. The theme song, along with the show’s enduring themes and unforgettable characters, continues to evoke nostalgia, reminding us of the magic of ’90s television.

Blossom Theme Song Lyrics

Don’t know about the future that’s anybody’s guess
Ain’t no good reason for getting all depressed
Fire up your pad and pencil, I’ll give you a piece of my mind
In my opinionation the sun is gonna surely shine

Stop all your fussin
Slap on a smile
Come out and walk in the sun for awhile

Don’t fight the feeling, you know you want to have a good time
And in my opinionation the sun is gonna surely shine

BLOSSOM Opening Theme – My Opinionation

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