Blossom Theme Song
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Blossom Theme Song And Lyrics

Blossom is a hit US TV series released on the American ABC network in 1990. The show features Blossom Russo an Italian/american teenager who had a unorthodox lifestyle and her day to day happenings.

The theme song for Blossom is called”My Opinionation” by US singer song writer Dr John

Blossom Lyrics

Don’t know about the future that’s anybody’s guess
Ain’t no good reason for getting all depressed
Fire up your pad and pencil, I’ll give you a piece of my mind
In my opinionation the sun is gonna surely shine

Stop all your fussin
Slap on a smile
Come out and walk in the sun for awhile

Don’t fight the feeling, you know you want to have a good time
And in my opinionation the sun is gonna surely shine

BLOSSOM Opening Theme – My Opinionation

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