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Alice Theme Song And Lyrics

The Alice theme song, “There’s a New Girl in Town,” composed by David Shire, is a delightful and cheerful tune that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the popular sitcom. The show, a spin-off of the movie “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore,” first aired on CBS on August 31, 1976.

The catchy theme song became synonymous with the series and its endearing characters, centered around Alice Hyatt, a widowed mother, and her adventures working at Mel’s Diner. The lyrics and music of the theme song reflected the show’s warm and humorous atmosphere, setting the stage for each episode’s comic and heartfelt moments.

Spanning an impressive nine seasons and 202 episodes, Alice resonated with audiences, becoming a beloved classic of the era. The show’s success even led to a spin-off, Flo, which continued the story of one of the waitresses from Mel’s Diner.

On March 19, 1985, the final episode aired, marking the end of an era and leaving behind fond memories for its devoted fans. The Alice theme song, alongside the endearing characters and heartwarming storytelling, remains an enduring reminder of the laughter and joy the show brought to viewers during its remarkable run.

Theme Song Lyrics

Early to rise early to bed
In and between I cooked and cleaned and went out of my head
Going through life with blinders on it’s tough to see
I had to get up get out from under and look for me
There’s a new girl in town and she’s looking good
There’s a fresh freckled face in the neighbourhood
There’s a new girl in town with a brand new style
She was just passing through
but if things work out she’s gonna stay awhile ba ba bum bum bummm

Alice Opening Credits and Theme Song

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