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Ben 10 Theme Song With Video And Lyrics

The Ben 10 theme song, composed by Andy Sturmer and performed by Imitator Tots, is a rousing and adventurous tune that perfectly sets the tone for the action-packed series. Created by Man of Action, the show debuted on March 4, 2006, in the UK, and quickly gained a massive following among audiences worldwide.

With its unique blend of action, adventure, science fantasy, and superhero elements, Ben 10 captivated viewers of all ages. The show’s protagonist, Ben Tennyson, wielded the powerful Omnitrix, a device that allowed him to transform into various alien beings, making him Earth’s defender against evil forces.

The theme song’s energetic beats and memorable lyrics mirrored the thrill of Ben’s intergalactic exploits. As the series progressed through 52 episodes across four exciting seasons, fans eagerly tuned in to witness Ben’s incredible alien transformations and heroic feats.

Andy Sturmer’s masterful composition and the captivating performance by Imitator Tots added an extra layer of excitement to the show’s appeal. Sadly, the series concluded on April 15, 2008, but the legacy of Ben 10 lives on through its enduring theme song and the cherished memories of its action-packed adventures.

Theme Song Lyrics

It started when an alien device did what it did
It stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid
Now he’s got superpowers he’s no ordinary kid
He’s Ben 10

So if you see him you might be in for a big surprise
He’ll turn into an alien before your very eyes
He’s slimy, creepy, fast and strong
He’s every shape and size
He’s Ben 10

Armed with powers he’s on the case
Fighting off evil from earth or space
He’ll never stop till he makes them pay
Cause he’s the baddest kid to ever save day
Ben 10


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