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Vampirina Theme Song And Lyrics

The Vampirina Theme Song is the enchanting and spooktacular music that starts the animated show “Vampirina.” The series first premiered on October 1, 2017, and concluded on June 28, 2021, after three seasons.

Based on the book “Vampirina Ballerina” by Anne Marie Pace, the show follows the adventures of a young vampire girl, Vampirina (or Vee for short), as she moves with her family from Transylvania to Pennsylvania and learns to fit in with humans.

The theme song, with its catchy melody, perfectly sets the playful and magical atmosphere of the show. It was composed by Layla Minoui and Jérôme Leroy for the third season.

With 75 episodes, “Vampirina” has been a hit among young audiences, blending fun, friendship, and spooky adventures in a delightful animated series. The theme song remains a favorite among fans, bringing back fond memories of Vee’s exciting escapades.

Vampirina Theme Song Lyrics

We were normal vampires in Transylvania
Like the other monsters on every block
Till we packed our things
and we flapped our wings
And we got a case of human race culture shock

Whoa oh oh Vampirina
I may be blue with pointy teeth

Whoa oh oh Vampirina
But I’m not so different underneath

It’s true that our taste may be a little offbeat
But we’re the battiest monsters you’ll ever meet

Whoa oh oh Vampirina
A ghoulish girl in a human world

Whoa oh oh Vampirina
It may seem strange but it’s true
I’m just like you

Whoa oh oh Vampirina

Music Video – Disney Junior

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