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Top Cat Theme Song And Lyrics

Top Cat is a popular US children’s cartoon series first released in 1961. The cartoon is part of the Hanna Barbera productions and was released on ABC network.

Top Cat is a leader of a gang of alley cats who spend their time outsmarting local plod called Officer Dibble.

The theme song to the popular animated series is called “The Most Effectual Top Cat” composed by Hoyt Curtin.

Top Cat Lyrics

Top Cat
The most effectual
Top Cat
Who’s intellectual
Close friends get to call him TC
Providing it’s with dignity

Top Cat
The indisputable leader of the gang
He’s the boss he’s a VIP he’s a championship
He’s the most tip top Top Cat

Yes he’s the chief he’s a king
But above everything
He’s the most tip top
Top Cat Top Cat

Top Cat Opening HD

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