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The Naked Director Theme Song And Lyrics

The Naked Director is a Japanese semi-biographical comedy-drama web television series.

The series is themed around Toru Muranishi who is an adult porn film producer/director and his dramatic and ambitious lifestyle. The show was released on Netflix in 2019.

The theme song to the show was composed by Taisei Iwasaki.

The Naked Director Lyrics

Why did you just smile to smooth things over
When nothing is alright to just move on her
Apology is paid
It’s not about your play
It ain’t a couple things
It ain’t a couple things

What’s the point of being honest if ever
The meaning of the truth is changing color
I may not be so humble
I’m difficult to handle
But I’m still insulted by anything that you would call insane

Elimination no more lies
My wish is my command and you see me overcome it
All denials now I’m living
Elimination of lies

Teaser Song By Taisei Iwasaki – My Wish

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