The Mighty Hercules Theme Song
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The Mighty Hercules Theme Song And Lyrics

The Mighty Hercules is a Candian/US TV animated children’s cartoon show first released in 1963.

The cartoon follows Hercules who comes to the rescue of people in danger by wearing his magic ring.

The theme song to the show is called “The Mighty Hercules” by Jonny Nash.

The Mighty Hercules Lyrics

Hercules hero of song and story
Hercules winner of ancient glory

Fighting for the right
Fighting with his might
With the strength of ten ordinary men

Hercules people are safe when near him
Hercules only the evil fear him

Softness in his eyes iron in his thighs
Virtue in his heart fire in every part
Of the Mighty Hercules

Victory is here raise a mighty cheer at the sight of Hercules

The Mighty Hercules Opening Theme | THE MIGHTY HERCULES

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