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The Mighty Hercules Theme Song And Lyrics

The Mighty Hercules theme song is the catchy tune that starts the show about the powerful hero. The theme song, called “The Mighty Hercules,” is sung by Johnny Nash, adding a thrilling vibe to the series. The show first aired on September 1, 1963, and was created by Adventure Cartoon Productions.

The series follows the adventures of Hercules, a legendary strongman with incredible powers. He goes on exciting quests to fight evil and protect innocent people. Each episode showcases his courage and strength as he battles villains and mythical creatures.

The Mighty Hercules aired in syndication, meaning it was broadcast on various TV stations across different regions. The show was well-received and had a total of 128 episodes, captivating audiences with its action-packed stories and heroic deeds.

The final episode of The Mighty Hercules aired on May 1, 1966, but its impact and popularity left a lasting legacy. The theme song sung by Johnny Nash became synonymous with the show and still brings back fond memories for those who enjoyed the adventures of Hercules on their screens.

The Mighty Hercules Theme Song Lyrics

Hercules hero of song and story
Hercules winner of ancient glory

Fighting for the right
Fighting with his might
With the strength of ten ordinary men

Hercules people are safe when near him
Hercules only the evil fear him

Softness in his eyes iron in his thighs
Virtue in his heart fire in every part
Of the Mighty Hercules

Victory is here raise a mighty cheer at the sight of Hercules

Opening Theme

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