The Man Show Theme song
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The Man Show Theme Song And Lyrics

The Man Show is a US comedy TV series first released on Comedy Central in 1999.

The Man show focused on a stereo typical laddish loutish style of male related subjects often having buxom juggly girls dancing seductively in various outfits on trampolines. The shows comedy sketches were very popular and gained the show notoriety.

The Man Show Lyrics

Grab a beer and drop your pants
Send your wife and kids to France
It’s the Man Show

Quit your job and light a fart
Yank your favorite private part
It’s the Man Show

Its a place where men can come together
Look at the cans on this chick named Heather
Juggy girls on trampolines
Time to loosen those blue jeans
It’s the Man Show

The Man Show Theme Video

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