The Emperor's New School Theme Song
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The Emperor’s New School Theme Song And Lyrics

The Emperor’s New School Lyrics

He’s on his way to the throne
He’s on his way to success
But he has to go to school
He’s got to ace that test

He’s an emperor to be
And he’s totally

You know it’s all about me
EXxactly go go

He’s going to Kuzco Academy
He’s got to learn his abc’s
Don’t try to stop him to top him

To destroy him right uh
K u z c o
Kuzco Kuzco go go

He’s got the cool he’s got the charm and the looks
And the hottie that can help him read those things called books

He’s going to Kuzco Academy Come on Kuzco
And to fulfill his destiny
His friends are loyal It’s royal
They’ll help him against the foil

Friends I thought this was all about me Ha ha spell my name again

K u z c o Kuzco Kuzco Go go

The Emperor’s New School Intro

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