The Bionic Woman Intro
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The Bionic Woman Intro

The intro of the TV show The Bionic Woman is the exciting part you see at the beginning of each episode. It features a theme song composed by Jerry Fielding, which sets the mood for the action-packed and thrilling adventures of the show.

The series first premiered on 1st July 1976 in the UK and was later aired on the ABC network from 1976 to 1977 and then on NBC from 1977 to 1978. It had a total of three seasons with 58 episodes.

“The Bionic Woman” is adapted from the show “Cyborg” and falls under various genres like science fiction, action-adventure, drama, and superhero.

The show’s creator, Kenneth Johnson, came up with the concept of a woman who gains extraordinary bionic abilities after an accident, which becomes the central theme of the series.

The theme song by Jerry Fielding adds to the excitement of the show, preparing viewers for the incredible stunts and superhero-like actions performed by the Bionic Woman.

With its mix of action, drama, and science fiction, “The Bionic Woman” captivated audiences and became a beloved classic of its time. The theme song continues to evoke nostalgia for fans who enjoyed the thrilling adventures of the extraordinary heroine.

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