the bastard executioner theme song
Series Television

The Bastard Executioner Theme Song And Lyrics

  • Number Of Episodes: 10
  • Number Of Seasons: 1
  • County: United States
  • Language: English
  • First episode date: 15 September 2015
  • Final episode date: 17 November 2015

The Bastard Executioner Lyrics

Born with a heart
That could ache more than beat
The mind of the killer
The soul of the meek

Flock with no shepherd
Is a vulnerable game
I can live without heart without love
But I do need a name

Father do you burn if your hand is in fire
Does your head spin with rage when fooled by the liars
King of the kings do you feel any pain
Do you feel any pain do you feel any pain

The Bastard Executioner Theme Music

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