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That’s So Raven Theme Song And Lyrics

The That’s So Raven theme song is an unforgettable anthem that resonates with fans of all ages. With a total of 100 episodes spanning four seasons, the show first graced screens on 17th January 2003, captivating viewers with its hilarious and heartwarming storylines.

The theme song, aptly titled “That’s So Raven (Theme Song),” showcases the incredible talent of artist Raven-Symoné, who not only starred as the lead character but also lent her powerful vocals to the show’s catchy anthem. The song’s composition, skillfully crafted by the talented John Coda, infuses the series with a vibrant energy and sets the stage for Raven’s extraordinary adventures as a teenage psychic.

From the show’s inception to its final episode on 10th November 2007, the That’s So Raven theme song became a cultural touchstone, serving as a nostalgic reminder of the show’s endearing characters, laugh-out-loud moments, and valuable life lessons. Its infectious melody and relatable lyrics continue to evoke a sense of joy and excitement, transporting fans back to the unforgettable world of Raven Baxter.

That’s So Raven Theme Song Lyrics

If you could gaze into the future
You might think life would be a breeze life is a breeze
Seeing trouble from a distance yeah go rae

But it’s not that easy oh no
I try to save the situation
Then I end up misbehaving oh oh oh

Hey now, what you say now bout to put it down
Come on and take a ride with Rae now
And the future looks great now
and everything’s gonna change now let’s rock

That’s so Raven It’s the future I can see
That’s so Raven It’s so mysterious to me
That’s so Raven It’s the future I can see
That’s so Raven It’s so mysterious to me

Yep that’s me

That’s So Raven – Video – You Tube

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