Teletubbies Theme Song
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Teletubbies Theme Song And Lyrics

Teletubbies is a UK children’s semi animated television show aimed at pre school age.

The show features 4 colorful characters Tipsy Wipsy, Tinky Winky , Lala and Poe as they have fun and teach simple things through discovery and play.

The theme song to the popular TV series is Teletubbies say ‘Eh-oh!'” composed by Andrew McCorrie-Shand and Robert Hartley.

Teletubbies Lyrics

Teletubbies say Eh oh

Over the hills and far away
Teletubbies come to play
one two three four Teletubbies

Time for teletubbies
time for teletubbies
time for teletubbies
time for teletubbies

Tinkywinky Tinkywinky
Dipsy Dipsy
Laalaa Laalaa
Po Po
Teletubbies Teletubbies
Say Heeeeee lo Eh oh
Tinkywinky Dipsy Laalaa Po
Teletubbies Teletubbies
Say Heeeeeee Uh oh

Where have the teletubbies gone

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