Taxi Theme Tune
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Taxi Theme Tune

The theme tune for the TV show “Taxi” is a catchy tune called “Angela,” and it was composed by a talented musician named Bob James. You might recognize the tune as it’s the music that plays at the beginning of each episode.

“Taxi” was a popular show that aired for five seasons, from September 12, 1978, to June 15, 1983. It had a total of 114 episodes, so there were plenty of entertaining moments to enjoy!

The show was created by a group of talented individuals: James L. Brooks, Stan Daniels, David Davis, and Ed. Weinberger. Together, they came up with the idea and storyline for the show, which centered around the lives and adventures of taxi drivers in New York City.

The combination of Bob James’ memorable theme tune and the fantastic storytelling by the creators made “Taxi” a hit with viewers. The theme music, “Angela,” became an iconic part of the show’s identity and added to the enjoyment of watching the series.

Overall, “Taxi” was a beloved TV show with an amazing theme tune that still brings back fond memories for many people who enjoyed watching the show during its run.

Taxi Theme Tune – Intro

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