Target Commercial Song

Target Commercial Song – Holidays Are Meant To Be Shared

Target commercial song was used for the recent advertising campaign called ‘Holidays Are Meant to be Shared.

The backing track was produced in house for commercial and advertisement purposes. Often this kind of backing track does not have an artist or composer attributed to it in the public domain.

  • Company Founded: 24 June 1902
  • Founder: George Dayton
  • Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English

Target Commercial Lyrics

What the holidays give is meant to be shared
It’s the new traditions that lift us up
And the way our celebrations are prepared

It’s making room for all
So that our world doesn’t feel so small
It’s when moments of lite bring us closer than before

And illuminate those we do it for
What we value most shouldn’t cost more

Target – The holidays are meant to be shared

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