Taltz Commercial Song

Taltz Commercial Song

Taltz commercial song is performed by Novo Amor. The song is called ‘Carry You’ from the Bathing Beach album.

The backing track is used to promote Taltz skin cream in this promotional video.

  • Company Founded: 1876
  • Founder: Eli Lilly
  • Headquarters: Indianapolis
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English

Taltz Commercial Lyrics

When your psoriasis bad
It can be hard to see what’s possible
But the possibilities become clear with taltz

The first and only treatment of a kind
Offering a chance off 100% clear skin
With taltz up to 90% of those with moderate
And severe psoriasis saw a significant improvement
of there psoriasis placs

Some even saw 100% clear skin
Don’t use if your allergic to talts
Before starting get checked for tuberculosis
Increase risk of infections and lower ability
to fight them may occur

Tell your doctor about infections Symptoms or if
inflammatory bowl disease symptoms develop worsen
Or if you have had a vaccine or plan too
Serious allergic reactions can occur
See the possibilities ask your doctor about taltz

Taltz Music Video

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