Tales From The Darkside Theme Song
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Tales From The Darkside Theme Song And Lyrics

Tales From The Darkside Theme Song was produced using an ‘in house’ recording studio for Television, Movie or Promotional purposes. Sometimes this kind of backing track or voice over does not have an artist or composer attributed to it in the public domain.

This song and voice over was created as intro or exit soundtrack to the popular TV series ‘Tales From The Darkside’

The popular US television series was first released in the 1980’s on American TV and a movie of the same title was released in 1990.

  • Number Of Episodes: 90
  • Number Of Series: 4
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • First episode date: 29 October 1983
  • Final episode date: 24 July 1988

Opening Lyrics

Man lives in the sunlit world of
What he believes to be reality

But there is unseen by most
An underworld a place that is
Just as real but not as brightly lit

A dark side

Tales From The Darkside Opening Credits

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