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Suddenly Susan Theme Song And Lyrics

Suddenly Susan is a US sitcom TV series first aired on ABC network in 2000. The show follows Susan Keane (played by Brooke Shields) who is a editor of a magazine, Susan left her wealthy fiance at the alter and became just regular Susan….

The theme song to the TV show is called “Ode to Joy” composed by Ed Alton.

Suddenly Susan Lyrics

Well I don’t tell jokes
And I don’t take notes
And you’ll be sayin there ain’t much hope
You’ve got nothin on me

I got friends uptown
And they don’t talk down
Baby keeping me safe and sound
We got something I think

I’m not gonna cry
And I’m wavin goodbye
And I know this time
You’ve got nothin on me

Suddenly Susan Season 2 – Intro – Extended Version

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