suction cup man theme song
Animation Series Television

Suction Cup Man Theme Song And Lyrics

Number of Episodes: 4

Number of Seasons: 1

County: United States

Language: English

Suction Cup Man Lyrics

Suction Cup Man is comin round
My sucking powers have no bounds
Suction cups all red and shit
I’m pretty hot you must admit
Do not test my sucking power
I’ll climb your tower in just an hour
You can’t kill me I’m way too cool
I’m smudging up your windows fool

Suction Cup Man Hey, that’s me
His name is Suction Cup Man
Fuck yeah it is
Fuck you he’s Suction Cup Man
I have my own theme song
Fuck yeah let’s do another verse

Fuck your shit I’m going up
You can’t unsuck my suction cup
There’s so much stuff I’m yet to climb
So while I rhyme I climb full time
Since I’m climbin up so far
I’ll play a tune on my guitar
I don’t climb for girls or money
I climb cuz it’s fucking funny

Suction Cup Man It’s me again
His name is Suction Cup Man
My favorite words are the vulgar ones
Fuck you he’s Suction Cup Man
That’s the shit I’m talkin about
Breakdown mothafucker! Oh Shit

Climbing towers for just the thrill
Take it up to the man who has the skill
To piss people off their anger builds
So they try to stop him but he’s climbing still
He can take a hit he can take a blow
But signs of stopping never show
He’ll climb anything he’s a pro
As he’s shouting look at me go

One more time baby Oh lord
His name is Suction Cup Man
I’m like a superhero but fuckin pointless
Fuck you he’s Suction Cup Man
Just try to get me off your tower

Suction Cup Man Theme

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