Storm Hawks Theme Song
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Storm Hawks Theme Song And Lyrics

Storm Hawks Lyrics

Atmos World of a thousand mountain top kingdoms
Each protected by a Sky Knight agains the forces of darkness
Beasts rogues and worst of all Cyclonians

The greatest of all Sky Knights led the Storm Hawks
His mission unite the kingdoms and rid Atmos of evil forever
But he was betrayed The Storm Hawks defeated and all hope lost

Until now I’m Aerrow the last descendent of the original Storm Hawks
and I’ve been given their mission

This is my Squadron
Finn the marksman Chika Cha
Junko the strongman Oops sorry
Pipper the specialist Let’s do it
Stork the helmsman We’re doomed
And of course my copilot Radarr

We’re the Storm Hawks and for us the sky is never the limit Ya ha

Storm Hawks Opening Theme (English) (HD)

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