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Storm Hawks Theme Song And Lyrics

The Storm Hawks theme song is the epic and exciting music that starts off the animated TV show about a group of daring young pilots known as the Storm Hawks. The awesome tune was composed by Bob Buckley and Asaph Fipke, setting the tone for the show’s action-packed adventures.

The show’s creator, Asaph Fipke, brought to life a fantastic world where the Storm Hawks, led by Aerrow, go on thrilling missions to protect their realm from evil villains like Ravess, Siyah As, and Maîtresse Cyclonis.

Storm Hawks first took flight on May 25, 2007, on YTV and Cartoon Network, captivating audiences with its mix of action, adventure, science fantasy, and comedy drama. The show introduced us to unforgettable characters like Finn, Junko, Stork, Lightning Strike, Piper, Mr. Boss, and Starling, each with their unique skills and personalities.

With two seasons and a total of 52 episodes, Storm Hawks entertained viewers with its epic battles and heartwarming friendships. The final episode aired on April 6, 2009, but the memories of the Storm Hawks theme song and the heroic journeys of these young pilots continue to be cherished by fans who were captivated by this thrilling animated series.

Storm Hawks Theme Song Lyrics

Atmos World of a thousand mountain top kingdoms
Each protected by a Sky Knight agains the forces of darkness
Beasts rogues and worst of all Cyclonians

The greatest of all Sky Knights led the Storm Hawks
His mission unite the kingdoms and rid Atmos of evil forever
But he was betrayed The Storm Hawks defeated and all hope lost

Until now I’m Aerrow the last descendent of the original Storm Hawks
and I’ve been given their mission

This is my Squadron
Finn the marksman Chika Cha
Junko the strongman Oops sorry
Pipper the specialist Let’s do it
Stork the helmsman We’re doomed
And of course my copilot Radarr

We’re the Storm Hawks and for us the sky is never the limit Ya ha

Opening Theme (English) (HD)

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