Road Rovers Theme Song
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Road Rovers Theme Song And Lyrics

Road Rovers Lyrics

Barkin scratchin frisbee catchin
Presidential pets that’s us

Change into the canines who drive
Souped up cars and jets comin through

Tuchus nippin toilet sippin
Soarin through the sky I like it

Lickin droolin quick refuelin
Who says dogs can’t fly not me

Speedin crashin villain smashin
Vehicles explode ooh

Chasin racin down the road
Rooooad Rovers

Hunter is a hero hound
Leader of the pack huh cool

Colleen comes from London town
Watch her feet attack hiii ya

Exile’s from Siberia
With super frozen sight that’s me

Blitz chews on posteriors
His bark’s worse than his bite I’m perfect

Shag is strong from head to toe
A coward through and through ruh ruh ruh

Muzzle’s stack is gonna blow
He’s short a screw or two urh urh

They fight for right both day and night
In ev’ry episode let’s roll

Now it’s time to hit the road
Roooad Rovers

Road Rovers Theme Video

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