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Raven’s Home Theme Song And Lyrics

The Raven’s Home Theme Song is the cool and catchy music that starts off the Raven’s Home TV show. The music for the theme song was made by a talented composer named Andy Love.

The show was created by Michael Poryes and Susan Sherman, and it’s all about family and fun. It’s a family sitcom, which means it’s a show that’s great for everyone to watch together.

Raven’s Home originally aired on the Disney Channel, which is a channel known for its awesome shows for kids and families.

The first episode of Raven’s Home was shown on July 21, 2017, and it’s been running ever since, providing lots of laughter and enjoyment for viewers.

Julie Tsutsui is the producer of the show, making sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

Raven’s Home follows the adventures of Raven Baxter, who now has kids of her own. Together with her best friend Chelsea, they navigate the ups and downs of parenting while still having lots of fun and being their awesome selves.

So far, there have been 116 episodes of Raven’s Home spread across six seasons. That’s a whole lot of family fun to enjoy! If you love laughter, family, and awesome adventures, Raven’s Home is the perfect show for you and your loved ones.

Raven’s Home Theme Song Lyrics

Yo let me tell you something
Had my vision all worked out but then life had other plans tell em Rae

It’s crazy when things turn upside down
But you gotta get up and take that chance

Maybe I’m just finding my way
And we’re gonna be okay

It might be wild but you know that we make it work
We’re just kids caught up in a crazy world come on

It’s Raven’s home We get loud
It’s Raven’s home It’s our crowd
Might be tough but together we make it look good
Down for each other like family should
It’s Raven’s home When it’s tough
It’s Raven’s home We got love
Cause no matter the weather you know we gon shine
There for each other

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