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Quick Draw Mcgraw Theme Song And Lyrics

The Quick Draw McGraw Theme Song is the catchy music that opens the classic animated TV show “Quick Draw McGraw.” The theme song was composed by Hoyt Curtin. The show first aired on 19th September 1959 in the USA and was broadcasted in first-run syndication.

The series was created by the renowned animation duo, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, and it was produced by their company, Hanna-Barbera Productions. The show featured the adventures of Quick Draw McGraw, a talking and heroic horse who disguised himself as a sheriff to fight crime and bring justice to the Wild West. He had funny sidekicks like Doggie Daddy, Sagebrush Sal, and Tombstone Jones, who added humor to the stories.

“Quick Draw McGraw” entertained viewers with its witty humor, exciting escapades, and lovable characters. The show ran for three seasons, with a total of 45 episodes, and concluded on 20th October 1961.

The theme song, with its catchy melody, set the stage for the hilarious and action-packed adventures that awaited audiences in each episode. Even after all these years, “Quick Draw McGraw” remains a beloved show that continues to bring smiles to fans young and old.

Quick Draw Mcgraw Theme Song Lyrics

Yipee yi o ki a
Galloping all the way
Here comes Quick Draw McGraw

Yipee yi o ki a
Galloping all the way
Great big star on his chest
Outdraws all of the rest
Fastest gun in the west

Yipee yi o ki a
Riding around your way
Here comes Quick Draw McGraw
The high falutin est
Fastest shootin est
Cowboy you ever saw
That’s Quick Draw McGraw

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