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Pinky Elmyra And The Brain Theme Song And Lyrics

Pinky Elmyra and The Brain is a US cartoon tv show first screened as a sketch from Animaniacs.

This series is a follow on and revamp of Pinky and the Brain

The animated cartoon features two GM modified lab rats brothers Pinky and brain, each cartoon in the series usually consists of Brain, the evil of the two, and his latest plan of world domination.

The theme song to the popular cartoon is called “Pinky and the Brain” performed by Jess Harnell,Dorian Harewood, Jim Cummings and Rob Paulsen.

Pinky And The Brain Lyrics

Gee Brain what do you want to do today

The same thing we do everyday Pinky Endure Elmyra and then try to take over the world

The situation’s changed
For Pinky and the Brain
No laboratory
Alone in the rain

And someone’s looking round
For where they might be found
It’s stinky for Pinky and the Brain Brain Brain Brain
Brain Brain Brain Brain Brain

Their pressure magnified
With every lab they tried
They had to flee constantly
Needing a place to hide

Trapped inside a store
A girl ran in the door
She bought a discount turtle
But ended up with more

Furry things are nice
I love my talking mice
I take them to school
And make them eat rice
I spray them with perfume
In my own bedroom

They’re crinkly
And often in great pain pain pain pain
Pain pain pain pain Brain

So Pinky and the Brain
Share a new domain
It’s what the network wants
Why bother to complain The Earth remains a goal
Some things they can’t control
They’re Pinky Elmyra and the Brain Brain Brain Brain
I deeply resent this Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain

Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain Long Intro

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