Pickle And Peanut Theme Song
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Pickle And Peanut Theme Song And Lyrics

Pickle and Peanut is a US cartoon series released on Disney XD in 2015.

The animated show follows the antics and adventures of Pickle and Peanut, the main characters and best friends.

The theme song to the cartoon is called Pickle and Peanut by Tinfoil 2000.

Pickle And Peanut Lyrics

Sharks swords yogurt kicks
Fries smart phones
Hot tubs yeah

Shades bagels grills, airbrush
Chrome blankets mopeds yes

Drop top laptop breath mints scars
Kittens wet skis drive thru fresh

Tight pants wide screens tacos wheelies
Freestyles thrift stores mini trampolines

Pickle and Peanut
Pickle and Peanut
Pickle and Peanut

Pi pi pi pi pi


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