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Peg + Cat Theme Song And Lyrics

The Peg + Cat theme song is the catchy and playful music that starts off the animated TV show about a smart girl named Peg and her furry friend Cat. The delightful tune was composed by J. Walter Hawkes and Martin Erskine, setting the fun and adventurous tone for the show.

The show first aired on October 7, 2013, and quickly became a hit with young viewers. It aired on PBS Kids in the United States and Treehouse TV in Canada. Peg and Cat go on exciting math-based adventures, solving problems and using their skills to help others.

The show features a lovable cast of characters, including Peg’s friends like Ramone, Pig, and Viv, as well as quirky characters like Big Mouth, Connie, Richard, and Toad.

With a total of 63 episodes spread across two seasons, Peg + Cat entertained children and introduced them to basic math concepts in a fun and engaging way. The final episode aired on April 23, 2018, concluding the show’s successful run.

Even though there are no more new episodes, fans can still enjoy the instrumental ending theme, “Peg + Cat Theme Song,” and join Peg and Cat on their mathematical journeys through the episodes that have been made. It’s a show that combines learning and entertainment for young minds!

Peg + Cat Theme Song Lyrics

One Two a One Two Three Four
Peg plus Cat
Peg plus Cat

1 2 3 Yeah come on let’s go
4 5 6 Hey what do you know
7 8 9 Woah what comes next

Uhh 10 10 you’re the best
We are two na na na na na
Me plus You na na na na na

We’re Peg plus Cat
Peg plus Cat
Peg plus Cat
Peg plus Cat

Opening Sequence

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