One A Day Commercial Song

One A Day Commercial Song – One Body

One a day commercial song is called ‘Aint got no – I got Life’ originally written and performed by 60’s soul singer Nina Simone.

In this advert the original song has been covered by an unknown artist and used as a backing track to promote ‘One a Day’ vitamin supplements in the ‘One Body’ advertising campaign.

  • Music: Ain’t Got No – I Got Life
  • Company Founded: 1 August 1863
  • Founders: Friedrich Bayer, Johann Friedrich Weskott
  • Headquarters: Leverkusen
  • Country: Germany
  • Language: German

One A Day Commercial Lyrics

I got my hair on my head
I got my brains I got my ears
I got my heart I got my soul
I got my mouth I got my life

One Body. Take Care of It Music Video

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