Nurse Jackie Theme Song
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Nurse Jackie Theme Song

The Nurse Jackie theme song is the music you hear at the beginning of each episode of the TV show Nurse Jackie. The theme music was composed by Wendy & Lisa, who did a fantastic job creating the tune that sets the mood for the series.

Nurse Jackie is a TV show that comes from the United States and is entirely in English. It ran for a total of seven seasons, with 80 episodes in all. The show first premiered on June 8, 2009, and continued until June 28, 2015, giving viewers several years of entertainment.

The series follows the life of Nurse Jackie, a dedicated and talented nurse working at a busy hospital. It’s a mix of drama, comedy, and sometimes even a bit of dark humor as we see the challenges and complexities of Jackie’s life both at work and home.

The theme tune by Wendy & Lisa became synonymous with Nurse Jackie, and whenever it played, viewers knew they were about to embark on another episode of Jackie’s gripping and often emotional journey. Even though the show has ended, its theme song remains a nostalgic reminder of the memorable moments we shared with Nurse Jackie throughout its run.

Nurse Jackie Theme Song Opening

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