Ned's Newt Theme Song
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Ned’s Newt Theme Song And Lyrics

Number of Episodes: 39

Number of Seasons: 3

County: Canada

Language: English

First episode date: 17 October 1997

Final episode date: 31 December 1999

Ned’s Newt Lyrics

There once was a boy who wanted a pet
When he got to the store a newt was all he could get
He brought it home but to his surprise
The newt just lay there he was barely alive
The pet store owner knew what to do
But he gave the boy a can of Zippo Newt Food

Ned’s Newt he’s so enormous
Ned’s Newt how very precocious
Ned’s Newt he’s whеre the fun is at

Ned’s Nеwt he’s enormous baby
Ned’s Newt sometimes disastrous man
Ned’s Newt he’s where the fun is at

Ned’s Newt Theme and End Theme

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