Murder She Wrote Theme Song
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Murder She Wrote Theme Song

The Murder, She Wrote Theme Song is the captivating music that kicks off the hit TV series, Murder, She Wrote. The brilliant composer behind this catchy tune is John Addison.

Hailing from the United States and spoken in English, the show enjoyed an incredible 12-season run, boasting an impressive total of 264 episodes. It aired from September 30, 1984, to May 19, 1996.

The theme song sets the perfect mood for the show’s thrilling mysteries and adventures. Murder, She Wrote revolves around the charming Jessica Fletcher, portrayed by the talented Angela Lansbury, a mystery writer who can’t resist solving real-life murder cases. The music’s enigmatic and engaging melody captures the excitement and suspense of each investigation.

With Angela Lansbury as an executive producer from 1992 to 1996, the show had an exceptional team leading the way. Peter S. Fischer, Richard Levinson, William Link, and David Moessinger also contributed their creative genius.

The Murder, She Wrote Theme Song became an instant sensation, with fans humming along to its unforgettable tune. Even now, the theme song remains a cherished part of TV history, reminding us of the thrill of joining Jessica Fletcher on her thrilling crime-solving escapades in this timeless mystery series.

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